10 Harsh Truths Many People Are Afraid to Admit 11 months ago

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No matter how educated or realistic you are, there are probably still things that you just refuse to believe although deep down you know they’re true.
Well, it’s high time to face reality and accept these cold-hard facts. They might seem difficult to swallow but doing so will only make your life easier in the long run!

Most of our memories are false. 1:04
We’re mostly a product of circumstance. 2:19
No one wants to love a person who doesn't love themselves. 3:20
The world doesn't owe you anything. 4:33
You have more time than you think. 5:34
Your life will never be perfect. 6:53
No one is really too busy, they just don't care about you. 7:55
You can't be perfect for everyone. 8:43
Life isn't fair. 9:39
The person that’s most likely to kill you is YOU. 10:25

- Your clearest memories aren't as true as you may think, and that’s because our brains play tricks on us. Research by Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, a professor of cognitive psychology and human memory, has confirmed that our memories can be easily distorted.
- Where you come from isn't the end game, it's how you play the hand your dealt that matters! You can come from a wealthy family but lose everything because of your irresponsibility, or you can come from a poor background but be determined enough to achieve everything you want and more.
- Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire discovered that happiness is a habit and that the more we practice it, the better. Same goes for loving yourself: start now and even if you’re not sincere at first, the real thing will come after some time.
- Your other option, though, is to just keep pushing on towards your goals. Yeah, it’ll be an uphill battle (they don’t call it “the top” for nothing!), and you'll face countless obstacles on your way. But in the end, your efforts will pay off.
- If you can't find the time of day, you’re probably not looking hard enough! It’s simple: if you don’t work out or eat right, your health isn’t your priority. If you don’t help your spouse around the house, your relationship isn’t your priority. What you’re wasting time on says more about you than any sort of psychological test out there.
- There's no such thing as a “perfect” life or “perfect” people. We’re all human and we all have rough patches. It’s just that you’ve gotta learn to overcome them and keep trudging on despite your problems.
- The sooner you stop worrying about people who don’t care about you, the better. If someone constantly blows you off, then don't waste your time trying to keep in touch.
- There are those who simply won’t like you even if you’ve never given them a reason not to. So never base your self-esteem on other people's opinions. You're amazing just the way you are.
- No matter what point you're at in life right now, you have to realize that it's not always gonna be sunshine and roses. Life consists of different stages and not all of them are happy ones.
- Take a closer look at your life and ask yourself one question: “Are all of my habits and actions good for me?” If not, cross the unhealthy ones out.

And what about you, what was the hardest truth you ever had to admit? Tell me in the comments below!

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