Sadhguru - How can you fight cancer ?! 8 months ago

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-All cells are essentially coded and geared for health –
for their own individual survival
and the survival of the organism.
-In everybody’s body, there are cancerous cells.
When they get organized and get focused in one place,
then it becomes a serious problem,
to a point where it can take one’s life.
-every stimulant and every intoxicant we consume,
in some way dents our defense mechanism.
-How can you fight cancer
-A part of you has turned against yourself. You can't fight it.
-If you created a moment of anger, you are working against yourself
- if you are miserable, you are working against yourself.
So in some way everybody has some kind of cancer.Only when it manifests physiologically,
it becomes a medical issue;
-Fighting the cancer not the way.

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