Lie Like This for 30 Seconds Before Sleep, See What Happens 5 months ago

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How to get rid of insomnia? Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Maybe it’s racing thoughts about your home and work responsibilities. Perhaps your body just feels so stiff and achy that getting in a comfortable sleep position is next to impossible! Well, there is a secret weapon to a calmer mind, better flexibility, and even stronger and more toned legs! Al you need is a bed and 30 seconds to spare!

The secret to ending your bedtime suffering is Supta Baddha Konasana. This is a yoga pose, and it translates from Sanskrit as the “reclining goddess pose.” It’s irreplaceable when it comes to stretching and relaxing your body, and it’s one of many asanas that offer a whole slew of amazing health benefits.

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- According to a 2011 study published in the journal Yoga, when practiced regularly, Supta Baddha Konasana loosens up the muscles and connective tissues that can get so tight and sore and lead to chronic pain.
- If you suffer from muscle pains, stiffness in your hips and knees, or insomnia, try including this yoga pose in your daily routine.
- As for the form, all you have to do is lean back on the bed, bend your knees, and bring the souls of your feet together under your groin. You can keep your arms by your side, extend them straight up past your head, or place your hands underneath your head to cushion it.
- If you decide to do this pose in the evening, please remember that you mustn’t do it immediately after a meal.
- The reclining goddess pose also serves as a great warm-up for leg exercises that you can also do right in bed!

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