Signs you have met 'THE ONE'! Pick a Card Reading 2 months ago

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How do we know when someone has a deeper purpose in our lives? How do we listen when the universe is pointing us in a certain direction? Can you hear the whispers? Here's a few clues to guide you!

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PRIVATE VIDEO READINGS****************************************************************************
Receive within 24-72 hours
All readings 30-40mins
$40 each (£35 UK)

*******LOVE READING*******
- Includes…
How does my lover feel about me?
What do they want me to know but aren’t saying?
What is the potential for our future?

- Includes…
Explore areas of Identity, Self Value, Communication, Home, Creativity, Health, Relationships, Sexuality, Travel, Career, Community and Spirituality.
Which areas need your focus right now? Advice on how to move forward and heal these areas.

- Includes…
What is my soul purpose in this lifetime?
How do I step into my full potential?
How do I create more abundance in my life?

********QUICK QUESTION***********
- 15min Reading - $20
Any 1 question of your choice

Please send your payment through PayPal at the following link;

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“I am...stunned, you’re beyond lovely and super gifted. Thank you so much for this!”

“Every time I feel negative thoughts I listen to your video. You have no idea how much it’s helped me. I’m coming to you for advice/ tarot reading because I haven’t told anyone …… but it’s so reassuring to hear your nice words and love hearing your tarot reading because they’re so accurate.”

“Thanks so much for the reading! You confirmed quite a few things I’ve been feeling about this connection….your voice is very soothing and healing. It made me feel so relaxed and calm. I find your style of reading tarot very balanced. It’s a combination of practical and spiritual…. so that totally resonates with me. You bring a bit of both unseen and seen elements, which is what feels good to me.”


Hi Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and explore the possibility of a private reading with me. I am 37, I live in Brighton in the UK and I’m mum to a gorgeous rainbow child. I have trained and worked as an Art Psychotherapist, a Tao Master, Reiki Practitioner, Master of Crystology, Astrology and of course Tarot Reading. I am a natural empath and the majority of my intuition I experience as feeling though I am also clairaudient and clairvoyant. I mainly work with angelic guides and consider myself part of the rose lineage with strong connections to Mary Magdalene and Egypt. I am a natural lucid dreamer and have also had a variety of contact with extraterrestrial beings and UFOs. I have heritage from Lyra, the Pleaides and Arcturus among others. I spend a lot of time in nature and visiting sacred sites. I love all the arts and generally getting messy and sweaty! I am Scorpio Sun, Leo Ascendent and Virgo Moon.

With Love Anna-Lisa Xxx

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